Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not just a cookie anymore

Yay! I finally spent some time yesterday using Picasa to create a collage of special things/moments/people in my life to put as the new image on my blog. I'm really happy with it!!!

Yesterday, I was supposed to have a "mom's night out" with this meetup group I've joined. We were going to go to Shinto's steakhouse in Strongsville and I was gonna have sushi and a (strong) drink. But I got only ten minutes out of the neighborhood and I could hardly see in front of me (it had started snowing earlier in the afternoon) so I had to turn around and go back! BOO!

Well, that's ok, because I treated myself to a Left Hand Milk Stout at Edison's Pub in Tremont, while awaiting the delicious pizza I decided to pick up for me and Derek. Watching the snow was very relaxing (and of course the beer helped too!).

Tonight, I've got a yelp elite event at Visible Voice Books here in the neighborhood, so it looks like I will get some time to myself after all. And Derek's home today, so...perhaps a run? We'll see. Only nine days 'til my race ... YIKES!


  1. I love the new blog look! It's a bummer that the weather interrupted "mom's night out," but pizza isn't a bad alternative. Enjoy the event tonight. I hope you're able to squeeze in a run!