About This Blog

This blog started out as what most blogs start out as: some random person wanting to get their thoughts out into the universe.

It turned into the musings of a girl from Brooklyn allowing her family and friends back East to read about her adventures upon moving to Madison, WI and then to Cleveland, OH.

It soon developed into a blog about (mostly) running and racing. And, of course, eating (hence the black and white cookie--my favorite dessert of all time). And doing stuff around Cleveland and elsewhere.

Then, when the runner found out in January of 2010 that she and her husband were expecting their first baby that fall, the running subsided a bit, and baby-centered thoughts replaced it.

Now, the baby is here, and she is beautiful, and this girl from Brooklyn can't wait to get out there and run again. Taking her cues from Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell (as they did so eloquently in Run Like A Mother and in articles in Runner's World), she is interested in writing about how to balance running with motherhood. How will I train for that next 5k when I can't even get more than four hours of sleep in a row? And how do I incorporate running and fitness--two things that are extremely important to me--with this new huge job I have? How can I maintain a sense of self (and sanity) by allowing myself to continue running despite my new responsibilities?

Yeah, I'm not sure either.

So read and find out! And I'll write and find out.