Friday, August 6, 2010

I suck

at posting lately! Geez.

Just wanted to put a note out there that all is well. I see Blogger has made some updates. Yikes, I guess it's been awhile!

Highlights of the past few weeks....
-33 weeks along today! Getting down to the wire. Big ol' bump!
-have been working (slowly but) steadily on the baby's room. Will post pics when it's done!
-only 2 more weeks of work until I have time off for the baby!
-went to the dentist...yay? Well, it needed to be done.
-lots of nesting, cleaning, organizing, etc. Sadly though, no running. At all. It's ok though. But seriously, can you moms out there assure me that it WILL happen again? 'Cause I can't even take a walk these days without feeling winded. I guess it's a combination of the oppressive heat as well as the fact that I feel like I have a bowling ball attached to my front. (a very sweet, cute, lovable bowling ball).

How are all of you? Summer rocks, right? Can't wait until next summer, when I can actually have a drink!