Current PRs

Here is a list of my current personal racing records. I am really hoping to get back out there soon and smash some of these to pieces. As you can see, I haven't beat one since 2009 (but, to be fair, I haven't raced since '09 either). I'd really love to lower the 10k one. But I'll start with some 5ks first.

5K 28:43, Patrick Joyce Scholarship Run, Lakewood, OH 8/15/09

4M 38:37, Run as One TGL Classic, New York, NY 4/13/08

8K 51:03, Crazy Legs Classic, Madison, WI 4/25/09

5M 51:23, Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff, New York, NY 10/28/07

10K 1:04:25, 14 Annual Home Run, Madison, WI 10/18/08

15K 1:40:07, Fall 15K, Madison, WI 10/26/08

20K 2:30:46, Lake Monona 20K, Madison, WI 5/2/09

Half-Marathon 2:17:12, Cleveland Clinic River Run, Rocky River, OH 9/13/09

Marathon 5:08:13, ING New York City Marathon, New York, NY 11/1/09