Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Operation: Treadmill

So, I am visiting my folks in NY this week, and my stepdad got me a guest pass to the gym. The what? Oh, yeah, that place I used to go all the time before my days suddenly got too full and I got hella lazy.

So ... I haven't run since Christmas. Yikes! I don't know how it's gonna go today. I am planning on walking and running for about 30 minutes. And then I'm going into the hot tub! (Yep, for some reason, this gym has a hot tub and I WILL be going in it).

In other news, I rejoined Twitter (see top right corner of this page). Feel free to follow me!

Yep, that's all for now. I'm boring.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

NIP (Nursing in Planes)

So this weekend, Derek, Lorelei and I went to a wedding in Panama City Beach, Florida. (It was his old college roommate getting married.) Let me break down the travel for you:

It was SUPPOSED to be Cleveland to Memphis to Panama City. But it ended up being...

Cleveland to...wait, up in the air a malfunction was discovered. Emergency landing in Louisville. Wait an hour. Get to Memphis with 15 minutes to catch connecting flight...have to wait for stroller at gate. RUN like a mofo (well, at least I got a workout in!) across the whole airport only to find that the plane had already left, and it wasn't even time yet. And it was the last direct flight to Panama City. Apparently, they now have to leave ten minutes early. Well, then why not make the departure time ten minutes earlier? Rude.

We got on another flight, but to Atlanta and then Panama City. Same gate though! So same plane. Cool. Until there was a gate change, and we had to gather all our stuff yet again. We finally got to Florida after four planes and five airports. Then of course we had to drive an hour to the hotel in the pouring rain! Nope, Florida was not warm and sunny. It was cool and soggy.

I figure, if I could survive that with a baby, then I can survive any travel hell.

I think if there were any positive that came from this, it was my ability to become slightly more comfortable with nursing in public. Or, in this case, nursing in planes. I pretty much got it down to a science by the end, where nobody really had to see anything (and, by the way, if they have a problem with it, then they can look away. They don't HAVE to stare at me!).

I think the worst part of traveling with an infant was going through security. I thought that was a pain in the ass, nothing compares to having a bunch of your own stuff plus baby crap. That has to be folded or collapsed and shoved through the scanner, all the whie somehow holding your child.I also got the "Do you have her formula?" question a bunch of times from the security agents...when I said "No," they looked at me like I had three heads. WHAT? No formula? Haha.

"Watching" the superbowl tonight, which pretty much means I'm on theipad and eating while everyone around me is screaming at the TV. Fun!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Running on Fumes

I used to use this expression to describe the tail end of my training for marathons, where there would just be nothing left in me but I would still persist with the long runs, the tempos, the speed work. Now, it's describing being an overtired mom! But seriously, it's funny that no matter how many times I get up at night, I always pull it together at least somewhat the next day.

I know, I know, "Sleep when the baby sleeps." Right. Not happening, at least not now. I like to get a handle on my day, get coffee down my gullet, eat something, clean a bit, catch up on emails, blog a know, all the stuff they tell you isn't at all important. Well, when does it become important? In six months? A year? When she goes to school? I mean, I've got to stop living in PJs at some point. (For the record: I only live in PJs roughly 60% of the time.)

Speaking of being up late, last night the reason was not Lorelei for once! It's because I was completing an episode review for last night's episode of Gossip Girl. Yep, I am officially on the team of writers for CliqueClack, a website that covers all things TV (and food, but I'm doing the TV part). How exciting to get my name on something. I'll be doing an episode review each week, plus other posts as they come. Stay tuned! And check out the site, it's pretty great, especially if you are a television junkie like I am.

In other's snowing. Again. This is getting pretty lame already!!