Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tryin' to Break 30

No, not 30 years of age, although that'll come in less than a year. I'm talking about 30 minutes for the 5K.

I've been running for about three years now, and I think I've improved quite a bit in terms of consistency, stamina, and endurance. In fact, the first 5K I ever ran (The Coogan's race in Washington Heights) was 35:13. Little by little I ran faster, but for this distance, I have never been able to beat that 30 minute mark! The closest I have come was last Fall, in Madison, at The Free to Breathe 5K (30:13). This past winter I ran the Frosty 5K, also in Madison, in 31:23 -- I attributed that to the snowy, slippery conditions.

But again today. I ran A Most Excellent Race -- my first race in Cleveland! I thought I had it - I thought I paced myself well. And it really wasn't bad - in fact two of my miles were under 10 minutes, which is good for me. I even got to the three-mile mark in under 30,'s always that last .12 that kills me! I did have to pat myself on the back, though, for my finishing kick. I can't go that long at that speed, but I did outrun quite a few in that last tenth of a mile.

Splits were 9:53, 9:38, 10:20, and 54 secs for the last .12. Finishing time was 30:37.

All in all, I was happy with today's run. I am still getting acclimated to warmer weather (averaging about 10 degrees warmer than Madison). Plus I have started going to yoga again (and even tried a pilates class!) at Studio 11 in my new neighborhood, Tremont.

Also on tap...about to start my training for the New York City Marathon!!! A toast to my hometown!

More later. I think I'm going to become obsessed with this.

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