Sunday, June 8, 2008

So this is me...

Hi. Here I go!

I've decided, after many years of avoiding such blatantly technological things as creating a blog, that I will go ahead and do it. You see, I have many, MANY thoughts in my head, and I used to actually write them down. Now I really have no time to do such things. But I thought it might be useful to do this anyway. It's also good for procrastinating/distracting myself from the, shall we say, more important things in life.

I am a 28-year-old woman in New York City, soon to be Madison, Wisconsin (move date: June 29th!!! Ack!). The reasons for this move will be revealed in the course of my writing this thing, I am sure. But the main reason for my relocation is to be closer to my fiance, Derek.

There are many things that I like to do. Writing is one of them. Especially in journals. In fact, while packing the other day, I came across my first diary, and laughed so hard when I read the things in there! It was hilarious to see the inner workings of my 7-year-old mind. But it was a release then, and I think it'll be one now.

Running is also one of my passions. Lately I have been reading many running blogs, and I like them, for the simple fact of knowing that others are as obsessed with I am about certain runnery things: training, racing, improving times, nutrition, racing a personal best, etc. But I still consider myself to be a beginning runner. I guess certain people would not agree with that, being that I have run a marathon and two half-marathons. But I am not that fast, and there is still so much for me to improve upon, so...therefore, in my eyes I am still a novice.

I am (currently) a fifth-grade teacher in the Bronx, which is the main reason that I can't COMPLETELY throw all caution to the wind when it comes to writing these posts. That kinda sucks, because there is PLENTY to talk about re: the work environment. But I guess you can never be too careful these days, so I will devote most of this blog to running. Safe!

In other news, today was my bridal shower...which was an experience, to say the least! My mom and the bridal party hosted. My favorite part was, of course, the food--catered Mexican--but especially the dessert, which was made by my Aunt Ann. Italian cookies, layer cake...oh my! My least favorite part was definitely the gift-opening. Oy vey. I am rather shy, and I do not enjoy the spotlight unless I declare that I want it by telling a story or joke, singing Karaoke, or doing a funny impression of someone. So you can imagine that an hour of constant smiling and thank-youing and having pictures taken of me was excruciatingly painful. However, I got some wonderful gifts, and I think (I hope) that everyone had a good time. The "Just add Tequila" margarita mix was an instant hit, that's for sure.

Will try to add some pictures of the shower here...but I am technologically challenged, so I will see.

Is this really happening?

Uhhhh...I am officially one of the bloggers.

Stay tuned for more.