Saturday, September 15, 2012

Two reasons I haven't blogged in over a year

1. My first kid.

2. My second kid.

No, but seriously ... well, actually, that was serious! I have been so busy, it's like I've been a different person. I bet nobody knew I was even pregnant again! That would be my fault, because I fell off the face of the earth.

I started working again in September of 2011, and, as most of you moms would attest, it is nearly impossible to balance having children and working full-time and still have the ability to engage in all of your "extracurriculars." So blogging was, unfortunately, first to go, especially since I've been writing part-time for CliqueClack which pretty much took all the writing gusto I had left within my haggard bones. (Ha, ha.)

Other than that, I've just been mom-ing it up as usual. Our second daughter was born on July 30, 2012. I went for my first postpartum run (well, run/walk) last night and it felt great ... so I thought I ought to share that!

As of now, I'm unsure about the status of this blog. I am thinking I may create a new one to better reflect my current "musings." I was thinking about it this way: people write books about periods in their lives (memoirs, essays, etc.) or even write different novels which serve different purposes and are geared toward different audiences. Well, why can't a blog be like that too? It's almost like Blog and White Cookie was my running blog with a bit of stuff thrown in. While I am still a runner (in my head, anyway), being a parent has taken over most of my thoughts. And I have really funny stories about it. So I think I may head in another direction with the new blog, talking about mostly parenting stuff.

Now I realize that the Internet needs another Mommy Blog the way that New Yorkers need a sugary beverage greater than 16 ounces: it's in no way necessary, but if it's in front of you, you'll take it. I don't really want this to be a "parenting" blog. That actually makes me wanna vomit a little. But I am a parent now, so it will be a blog written by a parent. And maybe it'll be a little bit funny.

So, once I know what's up with that, I'll let everyone know.

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