Sunday, July 31, 2011

B.O.B. (Baby, or Boulder?)

So, I realized that sometime between signing up for the Cleveland Clinic River Run Half Marathon on September 11, and actually running said half-marathon, I ought to do some training. And it's not like I can half-ass the training on this one, as I haven't run over 3 miles in a year and a half. (!)

I'd been getting back into the swing of things with a couple of recent 5Ks. Last weekend, I ran a bit before and after the Lakewood Summer Meltdown 5K, making my total between 4 and 4.5 miles. This weekend, I was set to hit the big 5.

I know that sounds like nothing to a lot of you, but to me it sounded monstrous. I usually feel "done" after only about 2 or 3 nowadays. (Well, to be honest, in this heat and humidity, plus the added "bonus" of the jogging stroller, I'm usually tired out after only 1.) Plus, Derek is away this weekend for a friend's bachelor party (yes, all weekend -- boo!)*, so it was B.O.B. time for me and Lorelei.

We set off to the Rocky River Reservation, my favorite place to run. I wasn't sure where to start. I was getting a little bored of always starting near the Detroit Rd. entrance, so I drove a little bit and parked by the Big Met golf course. My thinking was that it's easy parking, close to a water fountain, and close to a mile marker (5).

Let me just say that it was already hot and humid at 9 am! But there was really no backing out. I did all my "long-run" preparations for this, and I was doing it. Funny to think of 5 miles as a long run, but since my body wasn't used to it, I did have to make sure to do extra stuff just in case, like put on Body Glide, eat a PB & J, hydrate, etc.

I'm so glad we were close to that water fountain, because I was able to fill my water bottle and Lorelei's sippy cup right away. I headed north towards the really hilly portion that makes you think you're going to have a heart attack (you know what I'm talking about. Nice cliffs, shaded area, huge mountainous hills on both sides leading up to the top? Sorta think you're gonna fall off if you're not careful?). I said I'd get to 2.5 and then turn around, but after what seemed like forever, I was only at ... 3.5?!?!

I usually think the mile markers are a little screwed up in this area. For example, I can never really find the 4.5 or the 4 mile marker. One of them in this area always seems a little short, and another, really long. So I said I'd compromise: I'd hit 3, then turn around and make it up the other way.

But after another really long bunch of running, I still didn't see 3. I had been out for 35 minutes, so I decided to turn around. I figured I'd go with time anyway for right now. Since I haven't run for more than 40 or 45 minutes at a time lately, I figured a little over an hour was probably just about right because I didn't want to push too hard too soon.

Speaking of pushing, and pushing HARD, oh my GOD is that B.O.B. stroller ridiculously hard! Not to mention on hills. I certainly hope it gets me into better shape than just running solo, because I had to stop to drink about 5 times in a half hour! I even considered drinking the water from Lorelei's sippy cup (she was sleeping, after all) ... but I refrained. :)

Anyway, I was really feeling good out there in general, though. And a female runner passed by and said, "You go girl. You're my hero." Wow! That made me feel awesome.

When I got back to the original mile marker, I did about a half-mile going the other way, and back, making sure to refill the water on the way. I was out there for almost an hour and 20 minutes! I don't know if that's because I was super slow with the jogging stroller, or if I did a little more than 5. But either way, I'm really happy with how it went.

And next week, we'll be in Walloon Lake, Michigan, and there will be a bunch of nice running paths I can go on ... all alone! :)

Today I'll be taking Lorelei to a yelp elite event -- brunch at Phoenix Coffee. A bunch of people are going to the Indians game afterwards -- and it's a beautiful day to do it -- but I'm still not sure, with the baby and all. I probably won't go, but we'll see.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

*There will be a long elaborate plan for Derek to make it up to me for going away and boozing and staying in a hotel all weekend. First up? Mani/pedi. Next? Possibly a night to myself in a hotel with no alarm clock (aka, baby). Any suggestions are welcome...


  1. Running with a stroller is super tough, nice work. I get really tired just walking and pushing a stroller (good thing I don't have kids yet).
    I just signed up for the River Run, it will be here before we know it, can't wait!

  2. I was never able to run with the stroller. I gave up and got a treadmill and do all my runs inside ... I just couldnt push the stroller. And with two? No frickin way :)

  3. Thanks guys! It's good to know I wasn't just being a wuss.;)

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