Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mission: Semi-possible

I'm trying to figure out just how few training runs I can do and still be "ready" for the Jog into Spring 5K on April 9.

I did one run two weeks ago...then another one on Sunday. Well, let's just say they were both difficult and I couldn't run the entire time (duh).

The problem is, I'm still not sure if it's ok to take the baby in the BOB, so I'm waiting to do that. And I can't really get away that much, and I am TOO DAMN TIRED most of the time anyway!

Moms! How do you do it?! How do you balance running and motherhood? I need to know. Now that I have a "deadline," this is getting scary. I mean, I know I can finish it...but I'd like to do it comfortably, and I'd like to not have to walk too much.

Do I have to wait until she sleeps through the night before I can start running again in earnest? Is it bad for me to run on next to no sleep? Or is it necessary?


  1. That's great that you have a race on the horizon! YAY!

    Regarding the BOB, you shouldn't run with just the baby until 6-8 months. (If you have the car seat adapter, you can run when you feel comfortable taking her out.) Their back and core muscles aren't strong enough before then.

    I will say that running with a new baby is H A R D. I'm almost nine months into it, and I still haven't really figured it out. They've slept through the night for months, but they just don't wake up at the same time each morning. Sometimes it's 6:00, and this morning it was 7:30. I'm not a morning person to begin with, so I can barely get up as it is.

    For now, whenever the weather is over 40, the boys and I go in the BOB after work. It works pretty perfect that they'll take a little evening nap.

    Is is bad to run on no sleep? No, I don't think so. I wouldn't train for an Ironman that way, but you shoudl be fine. If you start to feel run down or sick, I'd reconsider, but it's amazing how us moms learn to function on less sleep than we ever imagined.

    Good luck to you!

  2. Hi there! Thank you so much for your advice! Every time I read your blog I am so impressed with how you're keeping up your running with the those adorable boys of yours!! I'll let you know how the race goes.

  3. Ha. We must have posted our same frustrations on the same day :)