Friday, January 21, 2011

"That Mom" Thursdays

Ok, it's time to start recording all of the memorable "WTF" moments of being a mom. Usually, I will find myself in some sort of embarrassing situation. Like being "that mom" with the screaming kid in the nice restaurant. Or "that mom" who brings her baby to the movies at a young age, because she is desperate to see a movie.

These types of situations happen to me so often that I think I should start a weekly report of them. I know today's Friday,but "That Mom Thursday" sounds better than "That Mom Friday." right? Oh, who knows.

So, today...I was THAT mom...the one who can't get through the door(s)--multiple! of the doctor's office without her stroller bumping into the doors like ten times...the one who goes to get a cup of water at the water cooler (while simultaneously blocking yet another doorway with the stroller) and promptly spills it all over herself and the floor...the one whose baby takes a MASSIVE dump during the appointment and gets the poop on her outfit.

Yep, someone's gotta be that mom! It's usually me.

Check in next Thursday for more embarrassing stories.


  1. Love it! I'm THAT MOM who ALWAYS runs her stroller straight into the counter EVERY time I wheel it into the doctor's office. They must think I'm a total loser running my kids into the furniture every time I'm there! So glad I'm not alone!

  2. Actually That Mom Friday immediately makes me think of the 1940 comedy film His Girl Friday, which in turn makes me think it's a better title. Also Fridays are better days for poop related humor.

  3. LOL Josh! Only you would know of a random 1940s comedy. Ok, That Mom Friday it is. P.S. your name came up as "Kosher" on the auto correct. Fitting, no?