Monday, January 24, 2011

How to feel better about your fussy 4-month-old

I've got it! If you're feeling overwhelmed and upset because your almost-four-month-old baby keeps fussing everywhere you go, here's the perfect remedy:

Step One: Be a cranky biatch all morning. (Oh, wait, I guess that's not really necessary, but it's certainly what I did yesterday)

Step Two: Get your husband to feel so bad for you that he offers to take the baby out of the house for a couple of hours so you can do whatever you want. After 30 minutes of waffling (should I sleep? Exercise? Cook? Clean? etc.) you decide to get your nails done because you have cat claws.

Step Three: Go the nail salon, and within ten minutes of arriving, see another mom there with HER four-month-old. (Think to yourself: Oh, boy, just when I thought I could have a baby-free afternoon...)

But seriously, it was a funny feeling. It made me actually miss Lorelei when I saw that other baby. And I didn't even mind when he started to fuss. And fuss some more. And then cry. Hard.

The mom had her mom there with her so she could hold her son while she got her nails done. I've done that before with my mom, when I was in NY. It was fine, but really not so relaxing, because I kept looking over at them wondering when she was going to burst into hysterics.

I was so relieved to see another mom in my spot, though! And it reminded me that I'm not the only one with a non-perfect (ok, make that REALLY colicky) baby. It kind of put everything in perspective. I was really thankful for that time away, and was definitely ready for her when I got back. (Plus...the grandma was extremely impatient. She actually called the kid a "devil baby" and said, "This is the LAST time we're doing this!") Yikes.

And, yes, I am a huge dork, and got a light purple color because I saw that J Lo had it on Idol this week..or at least something similar.


  1. I LOVE that color! It's one of my favorites. I think my all-time favorite OPI color is Ate Berries in the Canaries. I buy way too much of that stuff...I guess it's a cheap splurge though. Cheaper than going to the salon! Which I'm WAY overdue for, btw... I was just looking at my cuticles this weekend. I'm in bad need of a mani.

  2. It always feels SOOOOO good to see other moms having the same kind of problems right? Hee hee. It makes me realize that despite how frustrated I feel, I'm not the only one dealing with that particular issue. :o)

  3. For some reason, this entry made me think "what will 15 years from now Lorelei think of this blog when she finds it randomly while surfing the internet" then I thought "15 years from now, what kind of awesome device would people be using to do that, and would they still call it "surfing"?"