Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

These last few weeks have been filled with family, friends, cooking, shopping, and traveling. Some are better with a baby....and some aren't!

Being home again feels good. My own bed with my own pillows. My own shower and clothes that don't come out of a suitcase. All of Lorelei's stuff at hand instead of in bags. And she gets to "sleep" (ha ha) in her own crib too, instead of a pack and play! (Although she does enjoy the pack and play.)

Well, I guess it's 2011! What?! And time for some "ideal situations" (I wouldn't dare call them resolutions, and I really don't even want to call them goals, because then if they're not met, then they're just disappointments).

My Ideal Situations for 2011
  • Get the hang of this whole baby thing. Or at least get a little better at balancing no sleep with all I have to do during the day.
  • Run more races. A 5k to start, some 10ks, and 1-2 half marathons.
  • IF and only IF I get into the NYC Marathon lottery, consider doing that one (or perhaps defer for  a year).
  • Lose some/all of the "baby weight." Ideally: 15 pounds. But I'd settle for 10.
  • Blog more. I like it, and don't usually give myself time to do it.
  • Meet new people in the Cleveland area (ideally, other moms and/or runners).
  • Look into a career change. That one, I have only recently been thinking about. Not to say that I definitely want to go back to school right away, or that I even definitely want to leave teaching, but...I want to consider other options, especially since I feel like I started teaching spontaneously (NYCTF program after college) without having a lifelong desire to do it. And I'm not totally sure that's what I want to do for the rest of my life. So anyway, I want to explore my options this year.
Here is a recent picture of Lorelei (although, seriously, there are SO MANY from over the holidays that it was hard to pick just one!):


  1. She has such pretty eyes! And yeah, a clinic is just a fancy name for a running group. I do mine through the Running Room where you sign up for a particular distance/race and a leader takes the group of you from zero to hero! The schedule for RR clinics is three group runs per week plus one additional on your own if you can do it. The plan works great and the support is fantastic!