Friday, January 28, 2011

That Mom Friday plus: Makeover

No, not for me. Although that would be nice! The blog got a makeover. I'm still not fully satisfied with it. I was trying to make it more "Black and White" (like the cookie theme suggests). I suck at html, meaning I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing. So I've been relying on the blogger "design" feature. Oh well, I think I'll just keep tweaking it. Anyone have good templates that they like? (Free ones?)

Ok, so now for That Mom Friday. This week, I was "That Mom" who...

-used her "free time" to go to the doctor. What a waste!
-had to quickly hide a clump of pulled-out hair in her pocket when said doctor walked in.
-put her baby in the swing yesterday evening instead of rocking her to sleep, because Derek wasn't home from work yet and she needed to eat dinner before chomping on her own hand.
-rescheduled today's dentist appointment, despite the fact that this one had already been rescheduled from before. Bad, I know, but I'm not feeling great today, and it's snowing.
-didn't actually call the dentist herself, but had her husband do it for her 'cause she's a wuss. (Thanks, honey!)

-made a crock pot cheesecake yesterday (weird, yes, but DELICIOUS! Recipe here) despite her diet. One serving was "only" 12 points! Here's a partially-eaten picture (and yes, Derek ate most of that).
The trick, by the way, is to use a small corningware dish like the one in the picture (mine is 1.5 quarts) and place it inside the crock pot with about a cup of water in the bottom. (I use a 6 quart crock pot.) Let me tell you, this tastes AMAZING!Definitely worth my "treat points." I think I might try it again with
Oreos. Only, not for a while. Ha ha.

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  1. Yeah I tried to redo my blog too and couldn't come up with anything cool. Boo me. As for that mom, my moment was having my kid hit another woman on the head with a hula hoop during our exercise class, before I even noticed he was gone! Oops!