Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hair Hell

I think I might have uncovered the reasoning behind the "Mom 'Do" (really short hair): THIS!!!!

Gross, huh? This seems to happen to me
each and every time I remove a hair band. It's even worse knowing how great my hair felt and looked during pregnancy. I know this is common, but really!!!

The other option (not wearing a hairband)? Yeah right. Not only does Lorelei constantly pull my hair and wrap it around her little fingers, but it winds up EVERYWHERE!

I have had visions of getting it cut short just to avoid all this.

And then I thought: Oh. My. God. This must be why lots of women get a short haircut when they become moms! Not because they've suddenly morphed into someone uncool, who can't take ten seconds to brush her long hair (although trust me, I've been there). It's because the shorter it is, the less of it there is to appear in your blankets, pillows, coats, sweaters, and baby's diapers.

On a related note, I know it's "That Mom Thursday," but I received a suggestion from Josh (read his blog here, it's good) to keep the name "That Mom Fridays." He said it reminded him of some 1940s comedy. And comedies are always good to be thinking about when you're trying to be funny.

So more on that tomorrow.

For today, I thought I'd mention my progress in Weight Watchers so far. I've been to two meetings, both with this really funny old lady who lost 45 pounds back in 1993 (it says so on her name tag). She's a hoot. The Saturday meetings bring out a whole bunch of different characters, let me tell you. I went to an 11:00 one the first week, and a 9:30 one last week. It's good that they have both (they also have an 8:00 one, in case I am feeling extra crazy one morning). And they have a little play area for kids, but I think Lei is too young for that right now. Anyway, on to the numbers.

Starting Weight: (at home - unofficial): 168.5
Week One at Meeting: 165.2
Week Two at Meeting: 164.2
Weight lost this week: -1.0!

I figure that, until running takes a more consistent place in my life again, slow and steady weight loss is what it's gonna be. And I'm ok with that. (That's what you're supposed to do, anyway...)

Speaking of weight loss...anybody see the Biggest Loser Tuesday? Anybody NOT mind that it was only an hour? Ha ha...Anyway, I could not believe just how much food they wasted! It was criminal! Like they couldn't have just had one or two of the contestant's favorite dishes? Instead of TOWERS of them?! Seriously. I hope they donated that food to a shelter or food bank afterwards. For goodness sake. They must have...right?

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  1. Ha Ha, I would have LOVED to have a closet of my fvaorite foods like that! But yeah, what a waste eh? I think the one guy said there were 54 chocolate cakes in his section alone!