Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No Running...

..and it's all my fault! :)

After my "long" 6.5 miles on Sunday, I decided to take Monday off...was gonna go to yoga, but didn't.  Then today I had all intentions of running about 4 miles...but then I just decided not to.

I kinda regret it.

But I kinda needed to be in vegetation mode.  Plus I got to make a really delicious split pea soup that took a whole bunch of time to cook.

Tomorrow I am going into work early, which could still mean a run in the morning if I had a treadmill (which I don't) or if I didn't mind running in the dark (which I do)--sooo...no run for me until tomorrow afternoon/evening.  I may have to go to that "gym" (basement fitness center of landlord's other building downtown).  But all I really wanna do is cook stuff for Thursday and pack for Detroit (where we're going for TG).

In fact, all I EVER wanna do these days is cook and eat.  And wear sweats.  This is sounding too familiar!  The all-too common winter hibernation mode, complete with a 10-pound weight gain.  I don't want to do this again, but there's something about these months that makes me tired, lazy, and hungry!!!!  Aaaaughhhh!

As I write this I am eating from a box of...

Well, I guess it could be worse.


  1. Ah sweats, yes they are my pants of choice, or at least yoga pants are these days. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Try not to beat yourself up. It's tough working out during the Holiday season becuase we all just have THAT much more to do and getting ready for. I always have a modified running schedule during the Holidays and just decide that's the way it is.

    As for "hybernation mode". I think it's normal...it's cold, all you want to do is curl up and be lazy. Just try to hang in there and get as many "normal" workouts as possible. I think if you at least do the workouts you won't need to worry about the weight gain...IMO.

    Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels! :)

  3. Thanks guys! I am trying to stay positive. Once again, today I seemed to run out of time. I guess it's ok because I always go out of my way to make time for it. I will try to take it all in stride - so to speak! Haha. Happy Thanksgiving to you. :)