Sunday, November 8, 2009

Putting my Foot in my Mouth just as soon as I say I'm ready for another marathon?  My first post-marathon run ends after about 2.5 miles because MY FOOT HURTS!  How aggravating.  Guess I spoke too soon.

I am sort of "plagued" throughout major training sessions with a bunch of different minor injuries.  Since I started running, I've had ITB syndrome, hip/piriformisissues, lower back injuries, a mean case of plantar fasciitis, shin splints, calf "hot spots"....and now some ridiculous arch pain in my right foot that I can't exactly pinpoint. It's not heel pain, and it's not exactly underfoot, either.  it's more like both sides, right alongside the arch, are bruised.

In all of these cases (except for the plantar fasciitis, which lasted a full year) I just eased back on running and the pain eventually subsided.  But I had to really struggle with it, because most of these nagging aches and pains were during the hard part of training.  Now I guess I shouldn't really worry, because the marathon is said and done.  But the last thing I want to do now that I've completed it is just stop!  Not only am I reluctant to lose fitness (and the specificity of training that running provides - elliptical doesn't cut it!), but now I am also in fear of gaining weight.  Dammit!

This pain started when I was really increasing my mileage to allow for 20-mile runs.  The taper helped a lot, as did icing, advil, and kinesio taping on the bottom of the foot...but it's back with a vengeance.  Well, I shouldn't be surprised.  It's not like the streets of NY are well-paved. :)

So I am succumbing to a little less intensity right now.  Did yoga twice this week (Wednesday and today, Saturday) and the failed attempt at running 3-4 miles was on Friday.  I know that I should just be patient, that the main goal is to not be injured long-term and that this is a sign that I need to back off a bit.  But I am experiencing (as Bob Glover puts it) a marathon "post-partum" type of depression where all I want to do is run and not being able to do it is killing me psychologically.  I was very pleased at how my other muscle aches, mostly in my quads, subsided after only a few days but am p.o.ed at the fact that I am still hobbling around because of this darn foot.

Deep breaths!  It will be ok. :)  Running will always be there for me!  Guess I have to face the facts and focus on cross-training this week.

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