Sunday, December 20, 2009

A look back at the runner, not the run

Hey all!  This is one of those "all about me" running surveys I've seen every now and then.  I saw one on a couple of running blogs lately, so I thought I'd share my own info!  Feel free to cut and paste this into your blog afterward and share all your stuff too!

Miles this past week: 20

Describe your most recent run: It was on the Towpath Trail where I live (Cleveland, OH) and it was snowing the entire time!  I felt like such a trooper because there were only a couple of other people walking around outside.

Your first Race: Coogan's Salsa, Blues, & Shamrock, New York, NY, March 2007

Your last Race:10th Annual Reindeer Run, Lakewood, OH, December 2009

When/Why did you start running: At first (Spring 2006), it was part of a fitness/weight-loss regimen I had been working on.  Then, when I started racing (Winter 2007), it became less of a means to an end and more of an end in and of itself.  You can read my original post on this topic here.

Favorite Race: ING NYC Marathon!!

Favorite Distance: This is tough.  I think that, because of all the Central Park 4-milers I've done, that distance is very familiar and dear to me.  But most races outside of NY are not 4-milers.  The 5k is a bit too intense for me.  I'd say either 10k or half-marathon.

Mistake you always make while racing:
 Not warming up enough.

Your mantra is: "Be a warrior."

Favorite food before a race or long run: Night before - pizza.  Morning of - peanut butter and banana slices on an english muffin, toast, or bagel.

Favorite Gadget: Just my regular Timex sports watch.  I have a Garmin, but it gets too "high maintenance" sometimes and takes forever to load the satellites.

Something *strange* you always need on a run? My locket with a picture of Dad.

Amount of races you’ve done in your life? 43

Amount of races you’ve done this year? 14

When I can’t run, I: whine!  A lot!

Music or no Music? Both.  I will never use music during a race or during a run with a friend.  When I'm alone, I could go either way.  But I love music, helps!

Favorite running book? The Complete Book of Running for Women by Claire Kowalchik.  I call it my running bible.  It's got training tips as well as inspirational stories from women.  It's awesome.  I go back to it time and again when I feel I need motivation.

Favorite running Movie? Spirit of the Marathon.  Although my husband wasn't as excited to watch it as I was :)

Favorite Runner? Kara Goucher and Brian Sell. I like how they seem like everyday, "normal" people.

Favorite brand of apparel? Brooks and Under Armour

Favorite brand of shoes? 
Asics 2130...discontinued!  Have tried a bunch of other brands too.  Think I might try the 2150s for my next pair - they just came out.

How many pairs of running shoes do you have? for everyday training, one lightweight racing shoe, and one trail shoe that needs to be replaced....NOW.

How many pairs do you actually use?
 Just the first 2, and I'll use the trail shoe for walking around or when it's gross out.

Next Challenge ahead:
 Getting through the winter while still maintaining some running fitness!  Perhaps a spring marathon, but definitely a half-marathon.

A Goal further ahead you’d like to get to someday: Break 5 hours for the marathon.

PR you’re most proud of:
 Breaking 30 minutes for the 5k, which I did this summer.  For the first time in 3 years I felt that I was getting a little bit faster!

Fuel of choice on long run or races: PowerBar Gel!  That turns out to be the only gel I can tolerate after many trails (and errors).  My favorites are rasperry & cream, strawberry banana, and (when I need a boost) double latte.

Last/current injury: Ugh! My right foot.  I think I overtrained for the NYC Marathon and something definitely went wrong there.  It's doing much better now.

Most inspirational running moment: For my first marathon in Phoenix, I ran with Team in Training and raised money for cancer research.  Around the halfway point, I saw a woman with a big sign in her hands that read, "Because of You I am Alive." I think of that moment every time I think I can't run another step.

Why do you run? My question is why DON'T people run?  :)  That's how ingrained it is within me now.

Anyway, I'm not gonna tag anybody because I don't want to force you to fill this out...But I'd love to know this stuff about you all!  Anyway, have a great Sunday!


  1. What a fun meme! Thanks for sharing! It was fun to learn a bit more about you!

  2. She's fun! I am going to do this too, thanks ;-) And the NYC marathon, you do not get better than that in ANY race in ANY city.

  3. "Be a warrior"...I like it!!!

  4. great post, and I especially love the answer to 'why do you run ?'

    i'll have to cut and paste!!