Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feelin' Sluggish

And I don't know why...

Well, December is mostly why!  I hate winter!!  The last couple of days were pretty sunny, but today is rainy and gross.  At least it's not snowing today, though it was a bit earlier in the week.

This week was not a great one in terms of being active, but I didn't really beat myself up about it.  I had two good runs at the beginning of the week, and then I had a dental procedure done on Wednesday which left me unable to exercise that day.  I also took Thursday and Friday off because work was insane and I was just mentally and physically exhausted (I know, not really an excuse).  Saturday I went to hot yoga which was great, and today I'm either going to go back to yoga at 5 or go running (probably running).  I just want to wake myself up, and I know nothing does that like a good run.

I have also been eating like crap.  I need to sort of stop that, or at least strike a better balance between treats and healthy options.  I usually do try to eat healthily but when the weather gets bad like this it is really hard.

Yesterday my husband and I got our new La-Z-Boy chair (see below) - it is so great! I highly recommend this chair (the Lancer).  The only annoying part was that the store that we had ordered it from almost gave us the wrong one when we went back to pick it up, and we had to go to another location to get it!  But that's ok, because we stumbled upon a great taproom/smokehouse for dinner and drinks, called The Brew Kettle.  It was awesome, because I just happened to be in the mood for beer AND barbecue!  What's not to love?

Hopefully this week will be a more active one for me.


  1. NYC has been close to 30 degrees. That's miserable.

  2. I hear ya. I always get sluggish this time of year. Work and the hustle and bustle takes so much out of me that I want to be lazy and not work out. Somehow we just gotta manage to snap out of it! :)