Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Oh, joy. Now if it weren't 90 degrees, we'd be onto something....

So, what's different about this September? Well, for starters, I am not preparing for, nor am I looking for, a job. Which is a bit weird, but kind of refreshing.

Also...I am neither preparing for nor looking for any fall races. Even weirder.

Instead, I am in in full nesting mode, preparing for the arrival of our baby!!!! TOTALLY WEIRD!

It's hot, I'm cranky, but I'm happy. I'll be 37 weeks on Friday. Derek and I are going to take a short trip to Geneva on the Lake, OH (just an hour away) to stay at a nice hotel and just enjoy relaxing before the baby comes. Too bad I can't partake of the local wineries...or the running/bike trails...shoot.

I have been super busy cleaning, organizing, doing laundry, assembling baby gear...when I'd normally be running. Again, weird. Especially since I haven't raced at all in 2010 and probably won't (unless I aim to walk a Turkey Trot or maybe run (not race) a December 5k. I MISS IT!!!

Here's a recent pic of me (taken yesterday):

Not sure how much more I'll be posting until after the birth, but I can't wait to share the news with you all!

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  1. this totally freaks me out! But Still major Mazels!