Thursday, September 23, 2010

Choosing Not to Lose

So, I am currently watching the season premiere of The Biggest Loser (DVRed) from Tuesday night, and I was rather shocked when I watched contestants in Portland, OR compete in a one-mile race and this happened:
Burgandy is first to finish. Tina passes Corey, who falls down after pushing himself too hard. It was painful watching Corey fall for everyone except Team Tina, who was like "yay!" 
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For anyone who saw this, how did you feel about Tina pushing past Corey for the final spot? One one hand, I know she was just trying to help herself, and she felt that coming in second place, and thus guaranteeing her entry onto the ranch, would help save her life. On the other hand, is there no compassion and sportsmanship even in a competition? I'm pretty sure if she and her crew would have stopped and tried to help Corey up, and then continued on, she still could have made it (Corey was in no way running any more after his second spill).

It made me think about this little clip in this past Runner's World (from the "What it takes to.." section) which talks about a woman who was aiming to win a race, and saw one runner ahead of her about to cross the finish line. When the woman in the lead collapsed suddenly, the other runner didn't just ignore that and run past to victory. Instead, she stopped, helped the other runner up, and they crossed the finish line together. (Can't find the story online, but it was in the October '10 issue I think.)

I know that personal gains are important in competitions, whether for weight loss or for PRs. But I couldn't just turn my head like that if someone were in trouble. Thoughts?

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