Monday, June 14, 2010

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Hi! I just spent about an hour re-reading some of my old posts from last summer and fall. I really did write a lot! I know that this was due to a few key factors:

  1. I was unemployed and looking for work. Hence, I sort of made updating my daily "job."
  2.  I was undergoing extremely rigorous training and therefore had many stories to tell.
  3.  I was getting used to a new city, with many new discoveries to write about each week.
Well, let's reassess with where things are now:

  1. I am not exactly unemployed at the moment, but after a full 8 months of working my tail off, my after-school program responsibilities have come to a close. Therefore, although I'm teaching on occasion, I am not a "9 to 5er" anymore. 
  2. No more marathon training, or really running either. :( However: training for parenthood! So much to say!
  3. I am used to Cleveland now, but there's always new stuff to write about and new things to see now that we are exploring more of the outskirts of the city.
 So, therefore: I really have no excuse not to blog more regularly now that my days are opening up a bit! And, as I've already learned, there are plenty of running moms out there (and/or pregnant runners) who I am sure won't find my constant pregnancy chatter annoying! ;)

Alright, let the new blogging year begin! And to leave you with a funny image...this was taken in NY (I recently visited for my baby shower) while indulging in my first real "slice" in almost a year. NOTHING compares to NY Pizza!!

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