Saturday, June 12, 2010

All things Prenatal

Ok, so I feel totally accomplished today!

I went to my first prenatal yoga class. It was so great! Wow. It was just what I needed. Any moms-to-be out there who haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. I went to Puma Yoga in Lakewood. It was the perfect blend of meditation, light stretching, relaxation, and a little bit of strengthening. Perfect! Plus, I also got to meet other Cleveland area moms-to-be, which was SUPER great because I really have not met any other women in my area who are pregnant! Maybe after a few classes with these women, we'll exchange numbers or something. That would be really nice, and helpful too.

Then, I registered myself and Derek for a bunch of classes that I've been meaning to sign us up for: A Birthing Preparation/Lamaze class in August; Infant and Child CPR in July; and a Breastfeeding Basics class in September. Wow, all this stuff is really happening now! It's a relief that I got that registration out of the way.

In other news....I decided to try a new layout! So different from the last one, but I kinda like it.

Finally, I am trying my best to avoid the World Cup madness. Sorry, I know I should be a "sport," but it is so boring! And my living room is hot! Ugh. Time to sit in my air-conditioned room and read awhile...

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