Monday, June 13, 2011


Oh no! No blogging for a month! I do this every once in awhile. I've just been super busy, which, I guess is a good thing...?

But a lot has happened in the past month. Here's a short recap:

  • Lorelei started sleeping through the night (FINALLY!!!). While I don't want to jinx it, I'm so happy about this news that I really can't hold it in. She goes to sleep anywhere between 7 and 8 (depending on how sleepy she seems that night) and sleeps for about 12 hours. Hallelujah!
  • We are packing up the apartment and searching for a new one to move into ... by July 1. Yep, cutting it close! We had a couple of places that we really liked, but the timing wasn't right on those. But we told our landlord that we're getting out by July 1, so, somehow we will be ready. Let me tell you: I thought packing was annoying and difficult to manage before. Well, now it's near impossible! How do people with kids move? Do they hire someone to watch their baby every day while they pack? I'd love to hear your ideas. Keep in mind that unless she's napping, she is whining for our attention pretty much all day long. She's not really one of those "content to be playing by herself" babies, unless of course she's crawling all over the apartment and giving us a heart attack by getting into places she's not supposed to!
  • I'm beginning the search for a new job. Not sure yet what I'm going to be doing. I already applied to two jobs. One is for an Educational Field Assessor, and the other is to be a Gymboree teacher for their music & play class. Both are part-time. I also started online applications for some of the school districts in the area, but honestly ... I don't really think I want to go back into the classroom right now, or possibly ever. I feel kinda guilty about that, but I just don't think it's where I want to be right now. I think if I applied, it would be more about me proving that I still "have what it takes" to be a teacher. If I got hired, I'd probably take the job, which would be great but which would put a lot of additional stress on me and I don't think I want that right now.
  • Running has SUCKED lately. In fact, aside from a few jaunts with the BOB last month, I have been doing NOTHING. Ok, not nothing; I've been packing and apartment hunting and, ya know, doing the mom thing. But I feel out of shape and lazy and I'm ready to start exercising again for real this summer. You hear that, everyone? I'm gonna exercise!! But really, it doesn't help that it's been in the 90s off and on for a couple weeks. Seriously, weather, give me a friggin' break.
Anyway, so that's all for now! Here's a cute pic of Lorelei at the park.

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