Monday, April 4, 2011

I've run an average of 0.114583 per day this year!

I just looked at my daily mile stats, and so far I've run a total of ... wait for it ... 11 miles in 2011!! Haha! That is hysterical. It feels like more than that. Oh well. At least I've run 6 of those 11 miles during this week alone!

Ok, so less than a week until the 5K. Two things that are bugging me:

  1. I think I might be starting to get a little bit sick. The plus? I don't feel too much worse today than I did yesterday, and in fact I think I feel better this morning than I did last night. Good sign. So far, I've just got a teeny scratchy throat, dry cough, and feeling fatigued. No other cold symptoms yet. Derek has been dealing with an awful cough, though, for what seems like weeks now. Actually, it's been a little over a week. Ugh, I hope I don't get what he had. And I also hope that Lorelei doesn't get it.
  2. It's supposed to rain next weekend. While I've not only run in the rain (sorta fun), but also raced in the rain (really fun, but really hard), it's not the best opportunity for my family to stand outside to cheer me on. That kinda sucks, because mom and Jack are coming in on Thursday and part of Saturday was going to be them coming to the race. Well, I guess I'll look online at the course, and see if there's a nearby store they can wait in until I pass by, or until I finish.
Other than that, it's just another day here in the Cleve! Oh, except that I recently made a decision: we've started to supplement Lorelei's diet with a little bit of formula. As I agonized about in great length in another post or two, it's really kind of ... sucking the life out of me (no pun intended, lol). So I am still breastfeeding, but also giving her up to 2 ounces or so of formula per day if she is still hungry soon after nursing. This gives me a physical and mental break, and it also takes the pressure off to pump if I have to be away from her for a few hours at night -- something that I seriously need to do once in a while or I'm gonna lose it! So since we started this (last week), I have been feeling a lot happier in general. We're using Gerber Good Start Gentle Plus, and it's worked out great. No weird reactions, no refusing a bottle, etc. Great relief.

Oh, another thing: I'm going to start reviewing the ABC Family show Make It Or Break It on Mondays/early Tuesdays from now on! If any of you watch the show (or even if you don't, haha) feel free to check it out at CliqueClack TV's website.

How is everyone's Monday going?


  1. I hope you're feeling better! Maybe the forecast will change before the race. I'm glad things are going well with your feeding adjustment. Have a great week!

  2. With my daughter I never supplemented. I pumped daily, kept some fresh and froze some. I bought cooler bags and we traveled with pumped milk. It was a lot of pressure and a bit stressful.

    This time, with the little guy, I started supplementing right away. He gets a bottle almost every day of formula (prob every other day). If I'm out and about, have a sitter, or want my hubby to get up at night with him ... he gets formula. I dont waste my (precious) time pumping. I'm happy. He's happy. Everyone is happy. I've realized that the things I felt guilty about with Brooke were silly and that the most important thing in life is being happy (and at peace) with where your life is and where its heading. Is Ryan going to be a failure in life because he gets formula? Nope. But do I feel better knowing I can throw some formula into the diaper bag and know that we can go about our day without worry? Yup ;)

    Glad the change is making you feel better. Have faith in yourself as a mother and the decisions you make. Trust your gut - its always right!