Monday, October 18, 2010

Filed under the "Never to do again with a newborn" list

If you ever find yourself invited to a wedding less than a month after the birth of your child, and said wedding is far, far away (like a 7-hour car ride) JUST SAY NO! Hehe.

Well, it wasn't that bad. One of Derek's oldest friends, Nate, got married in Philly this Saturday. We had known about this wedding, had saved the date and RSVPed (all while I was knowingly pregnant). Derek wasn't IN the wedding, but there was also no wedding party, so he would have been if there had been one. Basically, he couldn't miss this wedding.

I was considering not going, but then I sorta got excited about seeing some old friends from New York there. Plus, my mom and my stepdad Jack were meeting there to take care of Lorelei during the wedding, and we had gotten the hotel rooms, and the pediatrician said it was ok, and...!! We were off!

It actually was very nice, once we were there. The wedding was in the hotel we were staying in; the festivities on Friday night were held only three blocks away; I was able to find a place to get my nails done within walking distance (and oh how nice that was!); our friends got to meet the baby; AND we got to see our friend get married. But man, those car rides sucked!

Not really for Lorelei. She slept pretty much the entire time. But we had to stop twice as much as normal to feed her, and change her, and then go to the bathroom ourselves, and then find something not too gross to was waaaay too much trouble. And way too much for just one weekend! We'll be driving to NY about a week before Thanksgiving, and staying with my family for that whole time. So, while that drive will be heinous too, at least we won't have to turn around and come back in two days.

That's about it for's an up-to-date picture of Lorelei, who just had her two-week birthday yesterday!


  1. Yeah road trips with babies are a whole different experience. Our usual 4 hr drive to our cabin becomes 6+ when you account for the feedings and changings etc. This might sound totally dumb, and I would never dream of actually doing it, but boy it would be nice if you could just feed your little one while cruising along! Anyhow, glad you survived. Good news is, the more you do it, the better everyone gets at it!

  2. I can't imagine travelign with a little one like that for such a distance! What a gorgeous baby!