Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Warriors of the Human and Auto Kind

Today, my husband and I did something amazing.  We both went out for a three-mile run in the snow!!!!

I say this is amazing because...a) we did it before 9 am.  b) we BOTH had the motivation and desire to get dressed in our warmest clothes and go out. and c) neither one of us complained the entire time!

In fact, we were going to do only 2 miles, because it was really coming down and the trail hadn't been cleared.  However, we went an extra half-mile or so in, making it 3 total.

I must admit that I have been really bad about exercising this week.  REALLY bad!  In fact, I kept thinking that I started the year off on a bad note by not running on January 1st.  However, I have been thinking lately that I always push myself, and never really give myself a "vacation" from running.  I've only ever been sidelined because of injury, not because I chose to take it easy for a month or two.  Not only that, but I have always beaten myself up about it.  I am trying not to do that anymore.  At first, I used to get worried that if I strayed from running for a few days or a week, I'd "lose the urge."  That's just not true.  I may lose fitness -- and I am prepared to deal with that while I take January as an easier month -- but it's finally hit me that I will not lose the runner I've become, because it's too important to me now to ditch!

The other VERY EXCITING NEWS...we got a new car yesterday!!  It was kind of unexpected.  We didn't really think we were going to drive it out of the lot, either!  But we did.  Of course, we're really going to have to cut corners now, but it's worth it because first of all, having only one car, in a city where you NEED to drive everywhere sucks.  Secondly, our Ford Focus, Sheila, is awesome and I love her, but only when the weather is nice.  I get a little frightened driving a small car like that in midwestern winters.  Derek and I have been saying that the next time we get a car, it'll be either an all-wheel drive vehicle, or at least a bigger car more equipped to handle snow and ice. it is!

A 2010 Toyota Rav 4!  As you can see, I am really excited.

And here I am getting nice and friendly with our new buddy.

2010 rocks so far.

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  1. Nice job on the run! Sometimes, in the winter, there is nothing better than getting all bundled up and enjoying a snowy run. ... if it isn't too cold!

    Congrats on the new ride!